Do What Comes Easy

May 8th, 2018

what comes easyAstavakrasana, Eight-Angle Pose, is not easy for many yogis. Some will push themselves, working hard to master this posture. Perhaps in that process, criticizing and becoming frustrated with themselves.

Working hard to to improve one’s practice isn’t a bad thing. We feel good when we learn do something we weren’t previously able to do. But if we think about something a wise yoga teacher of mine said, we might take a different approach every now and then.

In a particularly challenging class, she reminded us that it’s not always necessary to work so hard to do difficult things. Pushing ourselves to master a challenging pose is not a bad thing, but there are other ways of practicing. Sometimes we may want to simply do what comes easy…and learn how to do it even better.

We live in a culture of self-improvement. Constantly challenging ourselves to get better, to take it to the next level, to get that much closer to self-actualization. We try to find the hard thing and then do it. There’s a self-help book for every issue and concern an individual might experience.

However, we might want to approach our humanity in a similar light as my yoga teacher suggested we approach yoga. Sometimes it’s valuable to refocus oneself on what you already do well. For example, maybe you have worked on controlling your temper and now you rarely explode like you used to. Take a moment and appreciate that, maybe even refine it. We spend so much time looking at our deficiencies. Maybe looking inward with self-compassion and appreciation for who we already can be helpful, reassuring, and necessary.

Give it a try. Take a moment and appreciate your strengths. Be kind to yourself. Notice what you already do well. And continue doing that!

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