Creating Confidence

October 7th, 2013

Confidence is something we all want.  In fact, we’re attracted to confidence in others.  But confidence can seem elusive for many of us.  I recently read Augusten Burrough’s self-help book – “This Is How”.  Now, I’m not much of a self-help reader.  For some reason, I find them confusing and simplistic.  But I really enjoyed Burroughs’ book.  Especially his take on developing confidence.

Burroughs says that when you are feeling confident, you are no longer self-conscious.  You aren’t worried about what other people are thinking about you.  You are no longer judging yourself either.  When we feel confident, we’re in the moment.  We’re not questioning our skill level, our looks, or our right to be on this earth.  We are here – feeling good about ourselves – experiencing “now”.  No one feels confident all of the time, but confidence sure feels good.

And why is that?

Because confidence is free of self-hate and shame.  When you’re feeling good about yourself, you don’t really care what other people think about you.  And this is where therapy can help.  You can learn how to counter the negative messages ingrained in you from the culture or your upbringing.   And by dealing with your self-judging thoughts and beliefs, you can gain confidence.  Confidence to be yourself.  Confidence to try new things.  Confidence to approach new people.  And confidence feels a lot like freedom.

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