More Than Teen Angst

October 20th, 2008

Is your teenager or adolescent driving you crazy? Are you finding her or his behavior out-of-control or self-destructive? Do you battle over every little thing? Has your son or daughter changed…becoming depressed, reclusive, or uninterested in activities he or she used to enjoy? Are you concerned about your child?

Our children are the most important thing to us parents. We want the best for them and get worried when things are not right. We cannot and should not chalk troubling behavior up to teen angst or hormones. Sometimes the best thing is to find help.

I have had much success working with teenagers, adolescents and their parents. In therapy, I help strengthen the ties between you and your child. Together, we uncover the reasons for the troubling behavior and find solutions.

I find it helpful when parents and guardians participate in the process. Periodically, I’ll ask you to come to the sessions so we can partner in helping your child.

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