“Pillars we can lean on…”

June 15th, 2016

grief therapistMany people are grieving this week. Many people are angry this week. And many people are numbed and don’t know what to feel or how they feel. The nation has experienced another mass shooting and we are devastated. There’s not many words of comfort I can offer, as I’m simply another person who is also experiencing many of the same emotions you are. However, I can offer you the advice of a 12 year old.

I often ask children in my life what they think, what kind of advice they would give, and how they see the world. This week I asked a pre-teen this question: How can people get over their sadness? 

Her reply was this: You need to talk with friends. Friends are like pillars you can lean on. They are like a foundation that helps you feel better.

Simple but brilliant. And there’s no need for me to add more.

If you’re looking for a grief therapist in Dupont Circle, Washington, DC, feel free to contact Mike Giordano, LICSW at 202-460-6384 or Mike.Giordano.MSW@gmail.com.

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