The Tricky Part

February 23rd, 2011

Have you read Martin Moran’s memoir “The Tricky Part“?  It’s his story of being sexually abused as achildhood sexual abuse  child and his journey to recovery.   It’s a wonderful, yet harrowing read for many reasons.  The part that stands out to me is his conflicting thoughts of hating the abuse, but also liking the attention.  It’s a confusing thought that many people – men and women – who were abused by someone they know experience.

Mr. Moran bravely tells us of how the abuse affected his adult relationships, causing him to confuse sex with love, as well as get himself into some very dangerous sexual situations.  He eventually sought help through a 12-step program and therapy.  One of his lessons was about forgiveness – specifically – forgiving himself. While forgiveness might not be everyone’s journey, it is clear that therapy can help a survivor make sense of their experiences.  If you’ve experienced childhood sexual abuse, I encourage you to find a counselor or psychotherapist with whom you feel comfortable.  It just might change your life…for the better.

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