Don’t Forget the Caregivers

November 8th, 2008

Dealing with cancer, Alzheimer’s and other potentially debilitating diseases can be hard for everyone.  Although we first think about the person living with the disease, it’s important not to forget the friends and family – also known as caregivers.

These folks feel like they have to stay strong in the face of the disease.  They often are scared, overworked, grieving and tired.  But, somehow, they soldier on – putting their needs second or, if there’s children involved, third. 

Caregivers can feel overlooked.  In fact, they are.  When they meet someone at synagogue or church, their fellow congregants will often ask how the sick person is.  They often forget to ask how the caregiver is coping.  Even so, you will rarely hear the caregiver complain.  For fear of sounding harsh, bitter, or uncaring. 

But, it is hard.  Caregivers will benefit from some attention from friends and family.  They could benefit from therapy and counseling.  They might even benefit from a support group.  There is also a magazine I’ve seen – Today’s Caregiver – that has been useful to others. 

But, whatever you do…don’t forget the caregiver!

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