Families of Transgender and Gender Variant Folk

December 8th, 2009

gender therapistLiving in a world which doesn’t accept differing expressions of gender, much less transgender and transexual people, can be confusing and difficult.  And not just for gender variant or transgendered persons.  Parents, partners, spouses, and children also experience the judgement and fear that often comes out of our culture.

If you’re the parent, child, spouse, partner, or friend of a transgendered person, you too might benefit from a safe space to process your own thoughts, experiences, and emotions.  Perhaps you are finding it difficult accepting and understanding your loved one’s journey.  Or you might have fears of what that person might experience, much less yourself.  There may be many questions on your mind including, “What do I tell my friends?”, “How can I keep my child safe?”, and “How can I stay in this relationship?”

Seeing a gender therapist or counselor – perhaps even with your loved one – can be helpful.  Especially when you know that the therapist is not judgemental, but affirming, accepting and informed about gender identity.  With time, you may find that your situation – and life – make sense again.

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