Sexual Trauma and Men – A Path to Thriving

July 11th, 2014

Talking about sexual assault, sexual abuse, and rape is difficult for anyone. For men, it has it’s own unique challenges – often putting to question a man’s sense of his own masculinity. Men, some think more then women, are quiet about this experience. They often don’t know what path to take in dealing with such challenging memories. And we know that when people don’t talk about the hard stuff, when they hold it in, that they often get depressed, angry, sad, and feel alone and misunderstood.

For this reason, I’m offering a new path…a therapy group specifically for men who’ve experienced a sexual trauma, whether as children or adults. Anyone who identifies as male, whether he is transgender or cisgender; gay, bisexual or straight; is eligible to join. The main criteria is that he wants to be in a community where he can find ways to improve his satisfaction and contentedness with the way he is living his life. Some of the discussions will center on how the experiences of sexual assault, abuse and rape have affected him and his relationships. But he will explore about other matters that are important to him. The key is that the group will provide a setting in which he can deal with and put to rest the shame and embarrassment he feels from this unique, difficult experience.

Recovery is possible. ¬†Living life with a different perspective and a sense of optimism can happen. You don’t just have to survive…you can learn to thrive.

If  you or someone you know is looking for help recovering from a sexual trauma, feel free to contact Mike Giordano, LICSW at 202-460-6384 or Рlocated in Dupont Circle, Washington, DC.


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