“The White House is lit up like a gay pride flag!”

July 27th, 2015

LGBT therapistIt was the night of the Supreme Court decision on marriage equality. I was at dinner with some friends and things were winding down. It was late, almost midnight, and I quickly checked Facebook and saw what seemed unbelievable. The White House was bathed in the six colors of the gay pride flag. I shouted out, “The White House is lit up like a gay pride flag!” I decided that I had to see it in person, so I rode my bike to the White House, arriving at 12:30 am.

I jumped off my bike and was motionless for a moment. I started to cry. This seemed unbelievable. I grew up in a time that being LGBTQ was a thing of shame and an object of hatred. While homosexulaity was taken out of the DSM, many therapists still believed that there was something wrong with being gay, lesbian or bisexual. But times have changed. And tonight the White House isn’t white.

I’ve lived in DC for 20 years and have never seen our president’s home¬†any other color than white. That night is was six different colors. And Lafayette Square was jammed with people – most of whom appeared to be straight and younger. The mood was celebratory. And there were a few older lesbian and gay folks who were a bit more somber – looking at the White House with tears streaming down their faces. What a powerful moment¬†this was to our nation. And what a healing message to LGBTQ people.

The message was stronger than just the new federal right to marriage. The message, as I heard it, is that it’s ok to be a lesbian, a gay man, a trans woman, a bisexual woman in the US. Actually the message isn’t that it’s just ok, but that we belong in this nation too.

I’ve spoken with many people – both personally and professionally – about the White House and the Supereme Court decision. Many people have been touched in profound ways. We have an amazing experience of acceptance that we can place next to our more painful memories. And our psyche and soul can heal and grow.

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