Worried About Your Drinking?

October 20th, 2008

People can often wonder if their drinking is creating a problem in their lives.  They can be hesitant to call themselves an alcoholic.  They simply find themselves questioning an embarrassing thing they did at a party or wondering if their desire to have a drink is taking too prominent a role in their lives. 

As your therapist, I can help you explore your concerns about alcohol.  Some folks self-medicate with alcohol.  Perhaps you’ve made a concious (or unconcious) decision to drink to “take the edge off”, relax, or deal with some difficulties in life.  Maybe alcohol helps you deal with depression, anxiety, stress, or loneliness. 

Owning up to alcohol abuse is very difficult.  In our work together, you may decide that you need to cut back on your drinking.  While I often encourage attendance at AA meetings, I won’t insist that you go.  I take a similar approach to treatment programs.  You are the final authority on that.  We will simply work together to learn alternate ways of dealing with what ever is going on in your life.

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