Counseling Across the Color Line

October 20th, 2008

Understandably so, many People of Color are most comfortable seeing a therapist of their own race. This makes intuitive sense. However, African American folk seeing Caucasian therapists need assurance that their therapist is both culturally competent and anti-racist. Otherwise, therapy will be ineffective.

I have done much personal work to understand my privileged white identity in order to become an active anti-racist person and professional. Through training, readings, friendships, and other life experiences, I understand, to the best of my abilities, the multitude of African American experiences. I work hard to see you as an individual, living in a society that can marginalize.

As a therapist, I attempt to always be aware of my own biases and make sure they are checked and put in their proper place. You, as a client, need to be sure that your therapist or counselor is truthful to themselves and you. I work diligently to not make assumptions about peoples’ lives, while also understanding that being a minority in a historically unwelcoming culture is a different experience.

Whether you are working with me or another therapist, you may want to ensure that the topic of race is an open topic – rather than a barrier.

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