Despair…and Hope

December 10th, 2008

“I wish I had never been born.”  Have you ever thought this?  It’s a devastating feeling.  And not so uncommon.

I was recently listening to some folks talk about their lives.  One woman was speaking about how difficult her life used to be.  She described herself as a very angry, lonely, unhappy, and depressed person.  She also said the words “I wished I had never been born.”  And everyone else in the room could identify with what she was saying.  All of us normal people living everyday, if sometimes difficult, lives.

I heard this testimony in the context of a self-help group, so everyone was there for a common purpose.  However, I know that such feelings of despair are universal.  Not just experiences for people with “issues”.  Life sometimes deals everyone very difficult cards.  Despair comes and visits at times too.  The remedy, though, is hope.  And hope can feel elusive.  We have to find the courage to make ourselves vulnerable and open in order to discover hope.  Of course it’s difficult.  But it is possible.

And how is this woman now?  Happy, serene, and grateful.  She took the courageous steps of asking for help.  She saw a therapist, joined a self-help group, and worked on herself.  While she still has challenges (And who doesn’t?  We’re all human.), she faces them with hope…rather than despair.

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