How Therapy Helps

May 21st, 2009

how therapy helpsIf you bring forth that which is within you,
Then that which is within you
Will be your salvation.
If you do not bring forth that
Which is within you,
Then that which is within you
Will destroy you.
~The Gnostic Gospels

Trauma, grief, and pain can dwell within you for some time.  Unaddressed, you may experience anxiety, self-hate, depression or addictions.  Hurt dwelling within can destroy.  However, a simple and frightening, leap of faith can begin to free you.

When you take the risk to tell someone about your pain, your hurt, your true identity, then you create, as The Gnostic Gospels state, your salvation.  It is confusing.  You tried to bury this pain as it’s too much to handle.  The paradox is that the deeper you bury it, the more damage it causes.  It comes out, whether you like it or not.

Bringing your pain forward is a delicate process.  This must be done in a trusting, safe environment.  For some, this happens in an on-line chat room. Others find 12-Step programs helpful.  Some people find a trusting relationship with a therapist or counselor as their path to healing.  A good therapist will respect your path while urging you, delicately, to observe, respect, and put your pain and hurt into perspective.  Your first step is to reach out. And this is how therapy helps.

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