Look at Your Feet!

November 2nd, 2009

mindfulnessEarlier in the week, I learned a valuable lesson from someone* who’s been through some major difficulties in life, including alcoholism in the family, financial difficulties, relationship issues, and mental illness.  This woman – let’s call her Shauna – has been troubled for a long time.  However, she’s found an excellent coping mechanism, firmly grounded in awareness and mindfulness.  Even when times are hard, and perhaps especially  when times are hard, Shauna reminds herself to “Look at my feet.”

When she looks at her feet, Shauna is reminded that she is living in today – no matter what worries or troubles her.  In her thoughts, she might be thinking about the past or worrying about the future.  But when she suggests to herself to “Look at my feet”, she repositions herself in the present.  It doesn’t solve her problems, erase the past, or make the future rosy.  However, this gentle reminder does offer some relief and perspective, as she – and we – can almost certainly find something positive about today.

I encourage you to try this little reminder out.  I am!

*Identifying information has been changed to protect the anonymity of the individual.

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