The Mid-Life Re-Evaluation (aka mid-life crisis)

December 3rd, 2014

mid-life crisis“I’m kind of embarrassed.  I think I’m just going through a mid-life crisis.”  I’ve heard these words, or something similar to them, from many clients of a certain age. Shaming stereotypes of an older man running off with a younger woman in his brand new convertible run rampant…and make it more difficult for some people to talk about this stage of life.

“The Mid-Life Crisis” is actually a developmentally appropriate stage of life. There comes a time when we realize that life won’t go on for ever. That our health will eventually decline.  That we will die. When you personally and deeply realize that this journey eventually ends, re-evaluating how you are currently living your life is a expected outcome.

From this second look at life, people make all kinds of changes, from jobs to relationships. Some changes even include things like “not being a door mat anymore” to creating “bucket lists.” Some of your friends and family will understand what is happening. Others might chalk it up to the proverbial mid-life crisis.  However, I like to think of this time period as a mid-life re-evaluation. It’s less patronizing and more validating way of looking at this period. What you are doing is important. Everyone of any age benefits from living a life they are content and happy with. Living with regrets and resentments is not fun. The changes you make might be difficult and unpopular.  They might even go against the grain of what is expected by people of your age. But living with authenticity is a reward on it’s own. So this mid-life re-evaluation is important. It keeps us on track…or helps us switch tracks if need be.

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