What college students can teach us about sexting

August 29th, 2017

sexting“Sexting has become an epidemic!”

“What are these kids thinking?”

“Why would anyone send a nude picture via text? Don’t they know the risks?”

You’ve probably heard these comments and more, made about sexting and how younger people are using their phones. Yes, there are risks of having your pictures end up somewhere unwanted. Public humiliation and shame are definitely things to avoid. But there’s also an upside to sexting.

So many times, couples come to me, talking about how rote their sex lives have become. Eroticism, charge, and excitement are missing. What some younger people know is that sexting can be a great antidote for that. It can help you improve your sex life in several ways.

First, a couple can connect about their inner desires, libido, and desire to have sex throughout the day. This builds erotic tension that could be harnessed when the couple returns to each other after a day at work.

Second, by communicating with each other about one’s desires, a couple can build upon their intimacy. They learn more about each others’ interior lives. They know each other better.

And third, if discussing sexual desires and moods are difficult for a couple; inhibitions, modesty or embarrassment getting in the way; then sexting provides just a little bit of distance to gain comfort in sharing their erotic and sexual desires.

Of course, I suggest that you use your judgement. Is the person you’re sexting someone you can trust, even if a break-up occurs? If not, then you might want to think twice about doing so. Otherwise, you might find that your cellphone has a lot more enjoyable uses beyond Candy Crush and Facebook.

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