It Came To Pass…Not to Stay

September 22nd, 2009

patienceWhen you’re in the middle of a crisis or just feeling down, do you ever get pessimistic, thinking that this is your fate?  That you’ll never find relief?  That it will never get any better?  If so, you’re not alone.  It’s common for people to respond this way to difficulties in life, as well as to their current emotional states.

I’ve been taught a good antidote to this state of mind.  Once when I was despairing, a wise person suggested that I remind myself that “It came to pass, not to stay.”  While this may sound overly simplistic to you, it was just what I needed.

We sometimes forget that we’ve gotten through difficult times.  We often believe that the emotion of the moment is defining us.  Our brains do what they are supposed to do – thinking thoughts that are sometimes not so helpful.  By reminding yourself that “This, too, shall pass”, you might be able to find some relief – at least for a moment – and not buy into your present pessimistic thinking.  You don’t deny the difficulties you’re experiencing.  But you do remind yourself that you have the capabilities to help yourself or find support.

And, with time, patience, and needed supports, hopefully you too will discover that It came to pass, not to stay.

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