Living Your True Gender

December 15th, 2008

I just read Randi Ettner’s “Gender Loving Care” (W.W. Norton & Company, 1999) and was reminded of many things.  Most importantly, the great courage it takes for folks to live their life according to their true gender, not the one ascribe to them by society.  When a person’s body doesn’t match their internal sense of who they are, a great dissatisfaction and discomfort can occur.  To have the courage to be true to oneself, in the face of a judging culture, is something to be admired.

Living a life true to your gender can be an even bigger challenge when issues of shame are involved.  Folks who exist somewhere along the transgender spectrum and those who are transsexual have had so many negative messages push on them.  It can be a challenge sorting through these, finding out what is true and right.   Once shame is dealt with and put in it’s proper place, you can experience more joy, excitment and contentment.  It might not seem possible to you, but those who’ve gone through this experience are living testaments to the power of being who you are.

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