The Therapist/Client Relationship

January 1st, 2012

psychotherapyClients seem surprised when I ask them questions like “Are you mad at me?” or “Have I offended you?”.  They often feel uncomfortable answering directly – which I completely understand.  However, I do this for a reason.  In fact, I do it for several reasons, which I will further explain.

In master therapist Irvin Yalom’s book, “The Gift of Therapy”, he speaks of the great importance of the relationship between the therapist and client.  He tells us that when the client and the therapist have a trusting relationship, many important things can happen.

She or he can then discuss the most intimate, painful, or shameful parts of her or his life, thoughts, or behaviors.  The client can also talk about his or her feelings towards the therapist, which can often reveal much about the client and his or her inner world.  This insight is particularly useful in challenging beliefs about one’s self.

As Dr. Yalom suggests, I want my clients to be free to sort through their often confusing thoughts and feelings they have towards me.  When we – the client and I -speak the unspoken, we then make progress.  And with that  trust and understanding, insight and lasting change can occur.

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