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Trust in others…then yourself

May 28th, 2018

Trusting our friends“Trust, Mike!”

That’s what my yoga teacher told me, noticing that I became anxious and had begun to pull out of a backbend from the knees. It was a challenging pose and she was directing the class to go deeper then most of us had in the past. However, immediately upon hearing her, I took her direction and entered back into the pose, and went deeper into it then I ever have. It was one of those moments in yoga, when you realize that you’re capable of more then you thought.

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The Therapist/Client Relationship

January 1st, 2012

psychotherapyClients seem surprised when I ask them questions like “Are you mad at me?” or “Have I offended you?”.  They often feel uncomfortable answering directly – which I completely understand.  However, I do this for a reason.  In fact, I do it for several reasons, which I will further explain.

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