Therapy and Rock Climbing

May 1st, 2009

“In rock climbing, there is a step called a ‘commitment move.’ You’re tied to the ropes and there’s a moment you have to let go of solid ground to move to the next higher place. It’s a scary step. You must trust what you’re tied to more than what you’re standing on.”         –Mary Manin Morrisey

Ms. Morrisey does an excellent job in capturing the essence of a good therapeutic relationship.  At some point, you make the decision to move forward and through the things that have kept you back.  It’s scary.  Addressing self-hate, past trauma, addictions, suppressed desires & fears, grief and other issues can be difficult.  But, for some reason, you decide to trust that going through this will lead you to something better, higher, and triumphant.

Making the step to open up to a therapist you trust can be the first step towards freedom.  A step you might be afraid to take, but one that can change your life.

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