What Therapy And New York City Have in Common

September 13th, 2009

therapyRecently a friend of mine from the Midwest told me about her visit to New York City.  Her and her partner brought their nephew, a teenager who feels and appears out of place in their hometown, for vacation.  What’s important to understand is how their nephew behaves at home.  He dresses quite provocatively and acts quite haughty.  He easily puts people off with his behavior and attitude.  If one tried to understand what might be behind this, you might guess that he is acting in a protective and distancing way.

While in the city, my friend and her partner noticed how New Yorkers responded to this young man.  Instead of shunning him or shooting judgemental glances, they admired his attire and even offered a couple compliments.  As a result, my friend’s nephew seemed more at ease with himself and even more open with his aunts.  It seemed that his defenses where down and he was enjoying just being.  Not only did my friend notice, but her nephew noticed the change as well.  It was remarkable for all.

This is what therapy can be like.  Before you sit down with your therapist, you feel closed-off, sad, depressed, or even angry.  But when the therapist helps you see yourself as you truly are – a person of value, an individual full of humanity – you feel yourself changing.  Acceptance and affirmation make all the difference.  Not only do you feel better, but you begin to act different too.  Just as if you too visited New York City.

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