“When will I feel better?”

March 4th, 2011

change psychotherapyPeople often come to therapists to feel better.  They are tired, depressed, anxious, worried, down…you name it, as you’ve probably been there yourself.  Folks will often see therapists with the hope that these feelings will go away…quickly.  In fact, sometimes in the first session, clients ask me directly, “When will I feel better?”

My answer is usually:  “I don’t know.”  Which is the truth.

Of course, I don’t stop there.  I then explain the process of therapy.  How relief sometimes comes quickly and, often times, incrementally.  If you’ve come to counseling with a long history of feeling bad about yourself, disappointment, abuse, addiction, or grief; expecting immediate relief will only disappoint you.  However, you might find some hope in the fact that you’ve taken steps in supporting yourself, making changes, and bettering your situation – simply by coming to therapy.

Change, psychotherapy and counseling is a funny process.  Sometimes it seems like nothing is happening, and then, you see changes.  Perhaps you see others percieving you differently, perhaps you notice yourself behaving or thinking in a healthier manner.  And then you know you’re making progress.

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