Tears…and The Soul

October 29th, 2014

Tears and the soulI might find myself in tears. I wrote these words to a friend recently, anticipating a hurtful experience with someone I know. I was poking fun at myself, making fun of my propensity to cry, a trait I am at times proud of and at other times would rather not have.

My friend, a sensitive, wise, and loving person, wrote this back to me: Both smiling and weeping are good. Though weeping is aligned to yearning and longing which is infinitely closer to your divine self. You might not identify with this wording, so another way of thinking of it is that your divine self is also your soul, your essence, or your psyche. Crying gives us an opportunity to realign and see ourselves more clearly.  When we cry, we are having a present-moment experience. Tears help clear the sadness from our thoughts. What I forgot when I began my exchange with this friend is how crying is often followed by lightness; much like a storm cloud passing.

In therapy, I often encourage people to make room for feelings – including feelings accompanied by crying. When we allow them to be present, they often pass.  And when difficult emotions pass, they are often followed by something much more pleasant.

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