Where Do You Find Hope?

February 23rd, 2009

Life has some huge obstacles that it puts in our way.  Sometimes, the sheer weight of the challenge can be overwhelming.  You might feel like this moment will never pass and that life will always be this way.  You may feel desperate, depressed, and fed-up.  You may want to give up, feeling spent from all of your efforts.  When this happens, where can you find hope to carry you through? 

Perhaps its helpful to reflect on what got you through other hard times.  Close you eyes and remember back.  You didn’t think you’d make it, but you did.  How did that happen?  What kept you going?  Was it a book, your spiritual beliefs, the presence of a child you wanted to be around for?  Did you tell yourself something, like a mantra or prayer? 

I recall going through cancer treatments, which was very difficult for me – emotionally and spiritually.  I wanted to give up, but would think of my young daughter and remember my responsibilities to her.  That gave me the strength and hope to go to my next chemo treatment. 

Think about what gives you hope – even for a moment – in times where hope is hard to find.  And hold on to that hope for when you find yourself in another challenging place.

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